Delitto di Perugia, il criminologo Bruno: “Amanda, Raffaele e Rudy sono innocenti”

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  1. Michelle Moore ha detto:

    Rudy was a burglar/thief. He was a rapist. He was a murderer. He had a hard upbringing, but he made some very very bad choices. He was never prosecuted for any of the crimes he committed. If he HAD been, Meredith Kercher would still be alive! And Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito would have been graduated and gone on to living their own quiet life.
    Rudy has now ruined 2 MORE lives.
    Please, Italy, hold this court accountable. This is not about America/Italy, it’s just about a wrong that can be made right. Just as should be the case on our end too. Thanks

  2. Traduzione istantanea ha detto:

    Per chi non ha confidenza con l’inglese traduco e riassumo il commento di Michelle Moore:

    “La colpa è del negro”.

  3. Jools the Racist ha detto:

    Rudy’s DNA in Meredith’s vagina. Geddit?!

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